Closing the Pool

- preparing the Pool for Winter

If you have not winterized your pool before, now is your chance to save some money!

'Winterising', in this sense, means to prepare the pool for the winter

By following the instructions below you will be able to turn the pump, and any other electrically operated pool-equipment, 'off' for the whole of the winter except for a monthly application of pH reducer if required 

This has a few added benefits other than the obvious reductions in utility and chemical bills

If you are running the pumpChlorinator, filter, etc. for only half of the year then the equipment is likely to last for twice as many years

How to Winterise your pool

  • Remove the summer pool-cover, clean it, rinse it, dry it thoroughly and store it in a dry place
  • Clean the pool and adjust the pH if required - but do not add Chlorine* see note below
  • Place one cube of Jolly Gel in the pump basket and run the filter for 24 hours
  • Clean the pump pre-filter, thoroughly clean the filter by carrying out an extra-long backwash - see below: -
  • Close the skimmer valve, open the 'Bottom Drain' and 'Waste' valves, turn the rotary valve to 'Backwash'
  • Drop the water level to 15cm (6") below the skimmers, rinse the filter, then close the 'Waste' valve
  • Don’t drop the level more than this because, if the natural water table is high, this could present structural hazards
  • Add a proprietary winterising treatment. These treatments are designed to inhibit algae growth and minimise the risk of mineral staining (Winterising fluid is a mixture of Ammonia and Copper Sulphate)
  • Turn the rotary valve to 'Circulate' and turn the pump on to mix the solution into the pool water
  • If there is a possibility of frost, drain the water from the filter, pump, pool-heater and pipe-work, grease any exposed metal surfaces with silicone grease or Vaseline.
  • Valves that are above the water level should be left open; those below should be closed and protected against frost damage
  • Remove ladders, diving boards and summer covers, toys, floats etc., clean them and store them away
  • Switch off the electricity supply to the pool equipment at the Control Box
  • Turn the electrical breakers off or remove the fuses and store them in the Control Box so that you will be able to find them next Spring or when you need to run the pump to adjust pH
  • If frost is a possibility, float one or two weighted polythene containers on the pool surface to absorb the expansion of ice
  • Remove leaves from the cover or the pool throughout the winter period
  • Check the pH and the appearance of the water each month during the winter, especially as spring approaches or if the winter is mild.  Remedy as required and note everything you do to the pool in your Logbook

*Do not add Chlorine during the winter because it will destroy some of the ammonia in the winterising fluid

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