Sand filters

- keeping the water cleanSand filter digram

Pool water is filtered when it is pumped through a bed of sand in the sand-filter

Beach, river or building sand is hopelessly inefficient in a sand filter as it is ‘round’ in form from being rolled in water, which removes the sharp edges

                                                             Sand Filter Layout  

Sand-filter sand, called Silex, is crushed from silicate rock, producing sand grains with very sharp edges

The sharp edges and smooth faces of these tightly-packed cubes leave microscopic channels for the water to pass through and it is the size of these channels that determines the size of particle that the sand-filter can trap and hold

New Silex is quite efficient as a filter medium but, over time, the passage of water erodes tiny pits in the faces of the grains and smoothes the sharp edges; therefore efficiency will fall off

The filter will become unable to trap the smallest particles with the result that the pool water will appear cloudy

Cloudy water can be corrected with flocculant but, with an inefficient filter, the problem will gradually return

The best course of action is to change the sand in the filter and to fit Zeolite as an alternative filter media

Changing the filter media is an unpleasant job at best; usually involving a couple of sweaty hours crouched uncomfortably over a filter filled with what can best be described as gritty, sterile liquid sewage

If you’d like to do this job yourself you’ll find instructions here

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